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If you are a lending Bank or commercial funding institution that wishes to lend against any of the Hiltongrove portfolio, then please email Guy directly here for request to access our live property management portal. 


Hiltongrove is a Group with several trading entities but all governed and managed from our London office.


Current assets £20m+

No of tenants 100+

Rent roll £1m+

No single tenant accounting to for more than 8% of rent roll. 


Banking History: -

Company founded in 1994. 

Never bounced a cheque. 

Never missed a loan repayment. 

Never not repaid anyone. 

Never sent a company down to avoid bad debt. 


Minimum commercial loans of £2.5m up to £15m. 


Interest only or part amortisation over 20+ years. 


Preferably 5-yr fixed LIBOR with negligible to zero pgs. 


ICR never less than 200%. 


LTV typically under 50% but will stretch to 60% depending on scheme