Quant Triplex 2
The Quant exterior
Walthamstow Station
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“Businesses work best when built on passion and enthusiasm. 

I have a love of architecture, design, art and music. It is what drives me and allows me to be in the blessed position of looking forward to going to work each day.” 

Guy Davis, Managing Director

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Companies including (but not limited to) Hiltongrove Ltd (03780162), Hiltongrove (UK) Ltd (3002300), Hiltongrove Churchill Ltd (4449590), Hiltongrove North One (UK) LLP (OC317961), Hiltongrove North One (Properties) Ltd (10746657) , Wyndhaven Ltd (08609333), trading as the Hiltongrove Group.

All companies registered in the UK. Registered Office Suite 207, The Quant Building, 6 Church Hill, London E17 3AG.