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Here at Hiltongrove we try our best to keep our clients informed and up to date with where we are, so if you have any questions feel free to contact us or check out all the frequently asked questions by our clients and the public down below!

  • When was Hiltongrove established?
    December 1994.
  • Is Hiltongrove one company?
    No. Hiltongrove Group is the broad term we use to cover several Hiltongrove Companies as almost every property, site or development has a separate corporate owning entity.
  • I have a building or site to sell. Are you interested?
    Yes. Click here to send us details or ring directly on 020 8521 9292.
  • I want to do a JV with Hiltongrove rather than work with one of the bigger property developers. Is that possible?
    Absolutely. Having had several poor dealings with some of the large UK residential developers, we understand what you’re looking for in a partner and can be trusted to deliver. Be wary of developers promising you the earth as being blindsided by fantastical possible upsides rarely, if ever, get delivered. We’re straight talking no-nonsense guys.
  • I have an unusual shaped building/plot of land and don’t have a clue what to do with it. Can you help?
    We love the unusual. The more unusual the better. Converting former Victorian police cells into spectacular bedrooms and a courtroom into a duplex apartment are examples of thinking inside the box.
  • I would like you to design and deliver my new home.
    Depends on the scheme more than budget, location or size. If you think we can help because you’re in tune with our design ethos, then please contact us.
  • I am interested in renting an office in your Hiltongrove N1 Business Centre.
    Please contact either ourselves directly on 020 8521 9292 or Granby Martin, our agents, on 020 7287 5233.
  • I am interested in renting an office in College House.
    Please contact John Cullen via email :
  • What sort of Leases do you offer for your commercial space?
    Typically we ask you what length of lease you would ideally prefer and what break options you would want. We try to be as flexible as possible especially for new start-ups. Our leases tend to be based on the standard 'off the shelf' Law Society Lease which is a very clear industry standard document.
  • I am renting an apartment in one of your buildings and my fridge door is stuck. Who do I contact?
    If you are renting directly from Hiltongrove then please do speak to us. If however you are renting through an agency or 3rd party, please contact them instead.
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